nonbinary exposure and voice is important, there’s so many of us that feel like we just don’t get to exist in the world, to our lovers, to our friends, in any area of the arts, anything. we are real. we are trying to be heard. i am trying to overcome my learned fear and avoidance of being loud, of trying to make my point relentlessly, of throwing myself against uncaringness. help me, help us, it’s really important. i promise it is.

pyreo asked:

DUDE. THAT JESUS LEAFLET. I GOT THE EXACT SAME ONE. How many of those did they give out. HOW. WhaT????? I actually opened the door for them to give me the damn thing.

OH MY GOD, aren’t you in god damn England or something? I got one while in the U.S. and my S.O. got one in Canada and they’re all the exact same leaflet. How far has Disturbingly White Jesus’ influence reached?